The 7-Point Formula To Success

Move smart not fast. Here’s the ultimate guide on how to do it…

1. 80%/20% Proposition

Identify the most important task in your business and spend 80% of the time only focussing on these, the remaining 20% you can spend on other things (for example replying to social media posts or emails)

This will help you getting more stuff done by actually focussing on less.

Don’t try to focus on too many things. You want to get the things done that matter to you, not to others. Be a little selfish on this one.

2. Create Your Own Environment!

In order to be successful you need to aline everything in the way you want it to be, it’s is like poker or trading stocks — don’t go in when you cannot calculate the outcome and don’t take unnecessary risks.

3. Let People Work For You!

Don’t feel bad to let people work for you. Use your contacts, friends, class mates to get work done for you. Let them benefit and you will benefit to — it is that simple.

At some point you got to think about yourself and what you want to achieve. A 1-Man business is not very effective. A 1-Man-20-Affiliate business is.

4. Create One’s Product’s Subproducts!

What do you or your company stand for? Let’s take Apple as an example. In the last decade Apple’s most revolutionizing products were not Apple iMusic, or iTV but the iPhone, iPad and now recently the iWatch.

For each of these products, apple released every 1 to 1 1/2 years a new version. Why? Because that’s what the company stands for. Companies like SONY release a variety of products every year. But, in the end the company is in the reds! Why? Because no one knows what the company nowadays stands for. SONY’s most famous product is definitely the Playstation but what about all the other products? Are they in your room like the iPhone or are you listening to it via something like iTunes? No.

Figure out what you stand for an then go up from there.

5. Create New!

There is no easier way to achieve great things than being the first one at something. Whether it is inventing a new technology, promoting a new lifestyle or just even being on social networks that no one else is on.

Create something new, market it properly, and you will succeed.

6. Learn While You Work!

Reflection is the game. No one should work because he must work (the typical corporate job). Take every bit you work on as a measure to let your skills evolve. Especially when times get busy and you cannot do “pure learning”, learn while you work from your work.

7. Everything Is Science — Measure Your Success!

Whether it is social media, email marketing, your personal feelings, your new diet, whatever it takes, take the bottom up approach.

But, in contrast to science, you can change the results.

Adjust all the time.

Thanks for reading!
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