The New Pursuit Of Happiness

There is nothing harder to achieve than being truly happy. But, happiness is not an object that you can lock into a safe and be sure it will never disappear, it’s rather like a wind that can blow in different directions and only now and then have momentum to carry the smell of grandmother’s freshly baked pie over to you. It is not touchable, perhaps it doesn’t exist but somewhere inside something is crying out for it every day of you life.

I have been looking for happiness like everyone else. Here is how I think you can achieve it…

STEP1: Lay The Foundation & Develop A Passion

You can not be happy in life without having a passion for something. I have a passion for inventing and learning new things. I starts wok in at the free university if Berlin at age 13 and had the opportunity to get exposed to many fields of study. I felt interested in electron spin resonance spectroscopy and astrophysics. I started inventing and one multiple prestigious national and international awards, travelled the world soon research and open myself doors I did not knew would exist.

I moved at age 16 from my hometown Berlin, Germany to a small town in Minnesota called Elmore. At that time I read a book a day getting exposed to more and more knowledge developing a passion for pure learning. I wrote an article on how I do it a couple of weeks ago.

In that time also started inventing that later got me offered a PhD at age 17. This articles explains how I did it.

By developing a passion I laid the foundations for what was about to come…

STEP2: Get Rich

I am currently 18 years old, living in Beijing, already studying my 7th language. I started a couple very successful businesses and projects, got funded by widely known companies.

I am not rich yet but I hopefully soon will be. Because I want money? No. But because I want to execute on my goals. There are so many things I desire doing but cannot so yet because I don’t have the money to do it.

The bottom line is that money can make happy if you use it in order to pursue your passion, otherwise it will be likely to hurt you at some point in you life because you cannot real with it. Take Elon Musk as an example. Of course he is a spender at some point but only because he has so much that he can invest into his passion but also afford to buy fancy cars.

As soon as you find your passion start monetizing it.

STEP3: Execute On Your Passion

The third step is rather an extension of the third one at some point. My passion has been astrophysics. It is tough to make millions with astrophysics. But as soon as I got enough money I will start living my passion and executing on it.

Don’t undervalue money. It might be the only way you can pursue happiness before you get old.

Thanks for reading!