The World Traveler — 20 Months Away From Home

I started traveling early in my life. I spend my first year abroad in the United States of America at age 15, travelled Europe afterwards and then headed at age 18 off to Asia; China in particular.

What I saw on the road changed my life and it could change your life too.

This summer, my new book “Abroad Bible” will be in stores. It will be available in English and German, and will answer all your questions concerning world travel.

Right now, while I am writing this article, I am living in Beijing, China, studying Chinese (my seventh language, and yes I am only 18 years old at the moment).

Traveling will change the way you think about the world. Before I came to the United States of America I did not really know what to expect, especially because the entire world thinks that the United States is the greatest place to live on earth, which quite frankly after my travel experiences now, did not turn out to be that way, rather one of the worst ones.

In my mind the best place to live on earth is Singapore (which reportedly has the highest living standard on earth). Asia in general is an amazing place that everyone should have travelled once in their life.

I am not the typical traveler. I don’t travel because i go on holding but I travel in order to learn. Especially because I am still quite young I want to know what’s right for me in terms of living and doing business. I am an opportunity seeker. I want to know where to make the most money and where to live as comfortably as possible.

I love getting in touch with new people, cultures and places because I have the fear of missing out. I seriously think that life is not to short, we just have to use it more effectively. That’s what I learned in China.

I doesn’t matter how many hours you work but how you use the hours after it.

While you travel, your unconsciousness will pick up so many things it would never pick up when you stay at home all day long watching videos of these places.

Traveling places means also spending money, so don’t travel if you only have little money.

It doesn’t make sense then because you just waste time you could invest to build up something the will last also in the future which will then enable you to travel even more.

I now spent 20 months abroad, in this article I don’t want I tell about what I saw but about the message behind my traveling.

I seriously believe that every child should travel the world in the their teens because it gives perspective. If you don’t do it you will take the wrong path in life and will only realize it after probably half a century. Don’t make that mistake like 95% of the people.

If you don’t have the money, earn it or go for scholarships. Nowadays there is always a way to finance your time abroad. In my book “Abroad Bible”, I will give you some great insights on how to do it.

What most people don’t get about traveling is that it is not about getting in touch with cultures but imitating it. That’s the only way you will understand the values properly because people behave differently when they see someone from the West. Whether it is a language, behavior or even food, do everything like the people who host you.

But the not important point: don’t waste time. Their is so much you could see but will never see, even if you travel 24/7.

Don’t worry about not seeing everything, worry about the intensity you will see it. Go for depth not width.If it requires drinking with some Russian, eating chicken brain with the Chinese and shooting guns with Americans, do it!

Also, don’t be scared. Most people on earth will greet you with open arms.

Don’t spend all your time reading on the internet about all these things but experience them yourself. Now!

Thank you for reading!