Urgent Need For Inspiration

This is not a we-have-no-inspiration-anymore article. This is a go-and-get-it inspirational article on truth-seeking and overlooking the apparent.

Soft bread— the root of all mainstream evil

Content. We consume wherever we go, walk, run, eat, sleep, live, were living and will live. It surrounds us. It’s simplified. Short messages. Being abbreviated. Nothing. Just. Plain. Photos. They feature captions and can only be viewed for a couple of seconds. As if da Vinci created a masterpiece and would’ve burned it afterwards. It’s not there to last. As we speak, it doesn’t exist anymore. It has long gone. As our inspiration. Yes, perhaps this is a we-have-no-inspiration-anymore article. But, it has always been and it’s already long gone. You’re probably skimming this article. Perhaps you are a marketer. Followers. Likes. Shares. Implicit revenue. I have been there. I am there. I will be there. Forever. It is difficult for the one that knows to make other people understand that they don’t.