Why I Threw Away My Headphones

I am obsessed with the idea of becoming better, smarter, and faster every day.

Today I made a decision: I threw away my headphone. Why? For a very simple reason. I was listening to music all day long and did not focus 100% on what I wanted to do. So, I did not actually threw them away but locked them away. In six months I will get them out again and compare my performance „without headphone“ to „with headphones“. Already after a couple of hours, I feel a difference: I am writing this article (in record time).

I love music but I also am a person who almost has zero free time every day.If I have free time, I value it more than anything else. It might sound a little off topic but I seriously believe that we are living through a shift in how we work. Only 20 years ago, a computer was rather a calculator. You could work with it but not much more.

Today we spend hours every day in front of the laptop. We even sometimes do things on our computer we don’t want to do. We might watch videos that make no difference in our lives or listen to things that don’t even make us happy.

If you would have told people 20 years ago that kids will not play on the streets anymore but check their smartphone all the time and would even be that distracted that they would be run over by cars, no one would have doubted that you are an idiot.

In Hongkong they even built streets for smartphone users and abolished the lane for bikes.

We should overthink our decision to digitalize our lives. In the end, I believe it doesn’t make us happy.

Sharing information 24/7 and having everything on hand whether it is videos, books, or the ability to call for free, leaves no space for dreams and lifts up the level of productivity we must reach in order to succeed in life.

If technology evolves as quickly as it does now, our brains will in a century not be able to stay on top of it. We will see entire factories closing down and moving to much tinier office spaces because they don’t need to employ 2000 works anymore but 60 machines and a supercomputer.

I locked away my headphones today because I believe we are on the wrong path concerning information technology and the speed with which its goes.

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