Why You Should Not Listen To Your Heart

Listening to your heart is not helpful. You should rely on facts or other people’s opinions but not on your own heart. And here is why..

You might wonder why I say „Never Listen to your heart“

Shouldn’t that be the only thing I should listen to? No, maybe you should stop listening to it. In the moment you read this article, where did your heart brought you to? Do you already have a happy life, millions of dollars (if that’s your dream) or that hot girlfriend you ever wanted? No, I guess not.

Listening to your heart or rather to your feelings doesn’t help you to become what you want to become. The brain does not always think logically. Becoming as rich as Warren Buffet, singing like Beyonce or dancing like Usher is not likely to happen for you but still you have this desire inside you that wants to push you. Nevertheless, soon as you start getting tired your brain goes over into the defense mode and tells you “Sleep, you can achieve what you want to achieve also tomorrow. Don’t worry“. You brain will make excuses because it knows that you should not stay up any longer and promote your business, practice singing or dancing.

Listening to your heart/feelings/brain does not get you far. You should listen to the goal. What does it require? Which steps do I have to take to reach it? Then break it up into smaller pieces and go step by step. Being sleep deprived is bad, so plan well, live healthy, work out and so on. The only thing you need to achieve what you want to achieve is insane focus. I wrote an article about it yesterday.

Listening to your heart will not get you anywhere. Believe me. It might sound very strict and inhumane to not listen to your heart but it will pay off. Only listening to the facts will get you where you want.