Page Zero: All about LEONS in 1 Minute.

LEONS is the official asset of the whole LEONS Ecosystem.

The Ecosystem comes to you via a program named The ISLAND (which will have also mobile versions and will look like this:

Through this platform, the software (like an app with browser functionality, works with other dedicated apps, DApps, programs to make everything, always available for the user from one place) users can post their own content (videos, photos, whatever it is, easily like any social media posting)


1) Posts (uploaded videos, live stories, other live content, pictures, comments, whatever your original content) always belong to you as they will be time stamped but you will stay anonymous thanks to blockchain content distribution + layered content management.

2) Just like on social media, you watch videos, live or recorded, per your wish, you comment on them, you give likes (upvotes), you share them if you want to. Whatever you do, will bring you LEONS.

3) Other people also do the same, and if you have content uploaded on the system (on blockchain, managed through LEONS Platform exclusively) your content will get likes, comments, maybe also shares and will get more exposure as the system will reward original and better content (like putting it on HOT, section, or RATED HIGH section, or making it POST of the HOUR, Day, etc..) You, as the original poster gets new assets, LEONS, as in return by your content`s high ratings, likes, getting comments.

4) If you want, you use your harddisk`s (or harddisks`if you have more than one) unused space, just like renting it and there, encrypted, legal content is being stored by the system per your wish, and per your arrangements (how long, how much you decide) This is like a TORRENT system, but more organized, legal and more rewarded for sure. You earn LEONS. for this again

5) If you want to look at content, before anyone else, and approve or disapprove it, this is just like MINING for cryptocurrencies, but in this version, you do the job, not the computer. So watching porn becomes your job — original, first time published, even before becoming available online, you see it. You earn LEONS for that, again.

When you download the software (we named it The ISLAND, as you reach The ISLAND from the system, too:

Check White Paper of LEONS:

and we want it open source, free for everyone to use (imagine how the economy will grow) when registering you will get a share of the MOON via and that “parcel” will be available for your use, freely, tradeable, sellable or just to put up a picture and your message. It will be “live”, in the real world, from phone cameras being seen on the moon (yes, our moon!) This is something extra and like a welcome present for everybody, but as it will be a REAL PARCEL from the MOON (an ERC-721 token) the supply will be limited. Later LEONS will be the only asset to buy, sell, and resell these parcels, to boost the whole economy.

Just like the MOON parcels, in the start, again every user will receive a UNICORN, from This is again, an extra item, which you can use to earn more LEONS, move faster on The ISLAND by flying with it, participate in Arena fights with it, and more.

Even before the start, all LEONS users will receive two very unique items, immediately upon registering, anonymously.

Then the real adventure will start.

LEONS is NOT only aimed to be a token for crypto payment for porn. LEONS is NOT aimed to be a camera model live site token. LEONS target is NOT ONLY removing the middle man in the adult industry or giving the original content owners freedom to share their content without high hosting payments, and by giving them the freedom of cryptocurrency payments` being fast, anonymous.

LEONS is much more than these and much more beyond its time and what the current market offers. Please check our website carefully, and go as deeper as you want with us.

We have put more than 2.5 years of work in this. We have sites, more than 30, big sites, with exclusive, original, never before published content (Yes Porn is everywhere but this is only intended for this platform and we made real progress job with them. You will love each of them). Watch the trailers, check the sites, check out the content for yourself. This is only the beginning of the content in LEONS.WORLD which is a very small part of The ISLAND.

Check The ISLAND and see what LEONS offers.


Make it. Quick. Make the ICO Successful, Team Tokens will be created AS and per any and each bought tokens, THAT MEANS: The TEAM will enjoy success depending on the SALE. No beans. All Team LEONS will be kept in a vault untouched for at least for 6 months. Show the work. Shape it together with people`s ideas as they will be the users, like us. We want this for us, as there is no other system, model, project covers these points. There are many mainstream ideas around about a few of our ideas, but if you look closer to LEONS, this is really BIG and the success will come from being in this together. Hire more, enlarge, get places, bring the alpha, beta versions. Make new partnerships. List LEONS on Exchanges but in the meantime make it more valuable by backing up real, fresh and original work, shared, open for everyone. Get feedback, hire more, go bigger, make it real. (Of course our detailed Roadmap and what we have done in the last 2.5 years is also on our site and in our White Paper`s following pages)

KISSES COIN is a part of LEONS System now: we have many great ideas from them check their website, we left it open for the referance.

FrontCamToken is also a part of LEONS, now:

These two, plus Pygama Party App, will be accessible from The ISLAND, LEONS` Official Software, program and all the features you see will be available for LEONS Owners.


We have an ICO, currently, at Our ETH Crowdsale Address: on our official site! Check there please.

Send there at least 0.1 ETH to get your LEONS immediately to your wallet.

How to do it?

For more information and questions, answers in simple English:

Join our Telegram Group, we`re there, live, every day, every hour:

Check our Bitcoin Talk Thread, we reply everything, every day:

( We have also a Bounty Program with 3 Million of LEONS, if you’re interested in: )

You need more help? More questions you would like to ask, partnership options, or whatever the case: