TV Shopping? Discover Your Options Here

Shopping for a new TV is pretty exciting, but it can also be a little overwhelming when you see just how many choices there are. Many people are surprised to learn that there are, in fact, several factors you should consider, beyond how much you’re willing to spend and the TV’s size. Use the suggestions below to help guide your decision making — the more you know about the TV you want and need for your home, the better equipped you’ll be at the store or when shopping online.

Choosing the Type of Display

LCD, LED, Plasma, or OLED? Which is best for your TV viewing preferences? Let’s take a closer look at each of the options:

LCD: LCDs, or liquid crystal displays, are typically one of the most affordable options, they offer a relatively good picture and are energy efficient. The cons, however, are that they’re best viewed straight on and they may not be a good option for serious gamers.

Plasma: If you love to watch movies on a big TV with your friends or extended family, a plasma could be just the TV for you. Offering a great picture, although not the brightest picture, plasmas are a pretty popular choice.

LED: An LED TV is an LCD that uses LEDs for backlighting. LED TVs tend to use even less energy than regular LCDs, but they can be more expensive.

OLED: With OLED’s, or organic light emitting diodes, coloured LED lights create the picture. These TVs are also great on power, and their bright picture is good for those who watch a lot of TV during the day. The downside of OLEDs is that they can be more costly and aren’t ideal if you’re watching the TV from an angle instead of straight on.

Simplify Streaming with a Smart TV

Another option that is becoming more and more popular is the Smart TV. This TV can connect to the internet, making it quick and easy to watch your favourite shows on Netflix and other programs. While many models connect via Wi-Fi, others have an Ethernet jack, so really, the best smart TV for your needs will depend on how much you want to spend to simplify your set-up. For anyone who wants to decrease the number of cords and other devices needed to stream a show, a Smart TV is a great option.

Now, while the information provided here is meant to give you a better idea of your options, there’s still a lot to consider when it comes to resolution. Beyond choosing between 720p and 1080p or the newer 4K TVs, the quality of the picture actually depends on the density of the TV’s pixels. If this is starting to get a little too technical, and you’re not alone if it is, your best option is to speak with a salesperson at one of your local furniture stores. Barrie, Ontario offers a many different stores selling TVs, but Leon’s provides the expert advice you seek along with a large selection of TVs that are priced affordably. Stop in today!