Executive Summary

· FashionTech startup presize helps online shops solve their multi-billion EUR return problem, by recommending users a perfect fit based on a smartphone video of their body. The patent-pending approach to extract body measurements and recommend sizes combines the latest breakthroughs in Computer Vision and Deep Learning.

· The 6-figure pre-seed round was led by Plug and Play, a Silicon Valley-based VC and early investor in Google, Paypal, Dropbox and N26. Business Angels with C-level experience in the software and fashion space are co-investing.

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The founding team: Leon, Tomislav & Awais

· The company was founded in 2019 by three CDTM alumni from three different countries, each with previous founding and industry experience and a strong track record in academia (TUM, Stanford, Cambridge, UCSD). …

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Last week, I asked my LinkedIn community which digital tools they love. I got so many great comments that I decided to create a list out of this.

Most of my followers are working in growth, innovation or tech which means there is a bias towards automation tools, marketing tools and prototyping tools. Feel free to comment, if anything is missing.

All of the tools are either free or at least have a free trial. Have fun discovering tools that could save you hours every day.

Project Management

1.Slack — team communication (WhatsApp for businesses)

2. Trello — digital Kanban board to manage…

This appears not to be a nerdy niche topic anymore. I received many questions on my current research project, so I thought I would just summarize the talk I prepared for the Human-Centered Machine Learning Meetup yesterday.

“But the algorithm I build has 99% classification accuracy! Everyone will trust in it!?”

Obviously, no. You can have the perfect algorithm and still 0% user adoption. Users trust is the single factor that determines if AI-based products will gain traction. The questions we should ask are: How can we build trust in AI? What is the root of distrust?

So, lets assume you are average. You are 50 years old and you heard about AI a couple of times when it was on the news. Its headlines like the following which determine your view on…


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Digital Product Enthusiast | UX in AI Researcher @University of Cambridge | prev. Stanford University

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