Embrace the Hard Stuff

Photo by Luis Reyes on Unsplash

You are probably on the path of realising a vision you care about. I would assume you get excited by just thinking about it and there is nothing you would rather achieve. But, do you sometimes wish it were easier?

Why is easy so attractive? The truth is that modern day humans avoid the hard stuff. Most people are conditioned for comfort and have programmed their brains to pursue instant gratification. Do you fall into that category? Just ask yourself how many hours you waste on social media, watching Netflix, or doing other nonsensical things.

The hard things are usually uncomfortable. You are forced to leave what is familiar behind and face a challenge that will test you. Obstacles will invariably occur, and it will not always be fun.

“The hard is what makes it great.“ -Tom Hanks

In one of his movies Tom Hanks plays the part of a baseball coach. There is a scene in which his assistant coaches want to quit because their goal is just“too hard”. It is in this scene that Tom Hanks advocates the rewarding feeling of pursuing a difficult endeavor.

“Pressure makes diamonds.“ -Brendon Burchard

Have you ever done something truly rewarding that was easy? Have you ever produced a profound result of any kind from something that was easy? Probably not.

Great results are rarely produced by easy endeavors. Just think about it. What makes something hard is that most people are unable- or unwilling to do it. The more people do something, the “easier” it is. Going to the gym once is easier than going to the gym every day. Many people go to the gym every once in a while. A lot less people go daily.

Why is this important? I am sure that your dreams and aspirations are ambitious and I applaud that. But to reach your goals you will have to embrace and persist through the hard times. You won’t ever get to your final destination by avoiding them.

Here is my invitation to you: identify three hard things that you have been avoiding. Pick one to take action on immediately. Make that phone call, ask that special person out, go to the gym, take the first step. Train your brain to not shy away from the tough things. After all, if it were easy everyone would do it right? And would your destination still be special if everybody went there?