Data digitization services made easy through flatbed scanners

Preserving printed material in the form of digital content is an act that has earned some considerable pace, thanks to powerful scanning methods and future proof techniques. There are certain tips for scanning books and most of the professional companies offering data digitization services are well acquainted with them. Have a look on few among them.

1. Platter cleaning

First of all check if the machine platter is free from any blockage and waste. We are going to perform optical character recognition later during our expedition where processed images will be converted into text format. For that, the scanner must be clean and free from any dust, smudges or dirt.

2. Preparation

Make sure you know your processing machine before moving forward. A side hinged scanner makes processing of large books a hard task due to its lid position. An end-hinged one solves the issue. You need to place some sort of a box which has nearly the same height as that of your scanner to support the extending parts of a heavy book.

3. Software set up

Due to the inverted nature of scans, it is advised to check the software after installing it. There has to be an option for inverted text rotation. It automatically corrects the issue and is found in most of the processors. The settings in the software can be altered to suit specific needs. There are certain settings that help to change the orientation of the picture also. Verifying the software is an important flatbed scanning tip.

4. Software settings

Image resolution is a prime feature that has to be dealt with. It has to be set somewhere in between 400- 600dpi for a more refined output. This is helpful in the case when textbook font is relatively smaller. If you still find that the text is not recognized later then coloring the text background and playing with contrast between the text and background serves well.

These are only some of the basic tips that help those using flatbed machines. But more often these are life saving tips for amateurs and professionals alike. Document scanning companies often rely on these tips to create perfect output. If at any point you find that reliable professional book scanning services provider who can assist you, then don’t hesitate to ask for help.