EDUPUB Creation for Education: Expectations

Leon William
Nov 16, 2016 · 3 min read
EDUPUB creation for education

EDUPUB EPUB arrives to fulfill the purpose of accommodating largest possible collection of content for learning needed by learners and providers alike. Publishers may either adopt the entire sections or else only the ones that are most suitable for their matter. With EDUPUB, configurations matching best to their specific requirements can be developed. It is expected that more and more use cases of even complex nature can surface with wider adoption and real-world use of the open standard. EPUB eBook standard keeps on evolving thus signalling a feasibility to transform as an open standard enabling the learning of content from all around the world.

EDUPUB format is in fact a mix of already existing and widely used standards. This means that implementing is easier than you your initial expectations. It is obvious that several aspects for this open standard make the work stress-free because it is inter-operable and completely stress free and you don’t have to maintain a huge amount of technology or invest in the same. There are definitely several benefits that an EDUPUB Interactive eBook offer for several stakeholders. Now have a look on the outcomes intended when you make use of EDUPUB Digital Publishing. For converting EPUB3 completely into an education content, there are certain things that you must do.

  • Integrating entire existing IMS standards like that of LTI, Caliper and QTI
  • Providing for the elementary EPUB proficiencies needed for EDU; say, widget API, discrete entities and annotations
  • Building a profile of EPUB 3 that is EDU-semantic-amplified
  • Facilitating swifter execution
  • Enhancing necessary competences in regard of complex information design, interactivity and connectivity as well as A11Y requirements.

Global Usefulness

When it comes to educational Publishing, diverse stakeholders have varied necessities in regard of


From the publisher

  • Public support to attain objectives of EDUPUB Alliance
  • Production of higher volumes of standard format rich and accessible educational content

From Authoring Tools

  • User-friendly tools that are capable to support the structure and keep the complexity hidden.
  • Easier output for validating industry standard formats such as EDUPUB

From eReaders

Support for entire EDUPUB requirements like

  • Interactivity
  • Accessibility
  • Rich Media
  • MathML

The requirements and expectations of educators as well are learners are unceasingly evolving. It is quite evident that the future digital textbook will need unified and unbroken coordination across entire channels so as to ensure impeccable learning experience.

Learning modules are now not arriving as deftly stacked textbooks. Teachers and students nowadays make use of different easily available resources including quizzes, articles and books etc. They expect it not just online but also offline and even in collaboration as they may need to access across different platforms and devices.

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Leon William

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Digital Marketing Specialist at MAP Systems, among the leading service providers in India offering premium quality services.

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