Cutting the Gordian Knot of Technological Unemployment with Unconditional Basic Income
Scott Santens

A few economic fallacies in this article which make it total fiction: You are subscribing to the Lump of Labor Fallacy which supposes that there is only so much ‘work’ or ‘jobs’ available. This is untrue as jobs/work come into being based on the desires/wants/needs of humans… and we have INFINITE of these. Automation and AI only allow us to accomplish more things, but they can never do all things. If somehow we could completely automate gathering/refining all resources as well as converting such resources into goods/services instantly and for no cost or human labor required besides our thoughts, then and only then would there be no jobs for us to do and we would be as gods (not needing to expend effort to obtain our desires).

So, the basic premise of your article is faulty — there is no upcoming crisis in ‘jobs’, the only problem is how to allow the economy to most fluidly respond to these fast occurring changes in supply/demand for various goods/services. This will require folks to be able to constantly retrain, as well as move capital efficiently and easily, so as to reduce ‘frictional unemployment’… the time period between working at one valued activity and the next valued activity (from one job to another).

This non-crisis does NOT necessitate the institution of a governmental redistribution method which would decimate human motivation, as well as hamper innovation. Basic Income is a fraud and yet another attempt to institute a socialist system which goes against basic human nature and the reality of the universe.

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