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When you’re younger, you join a sports team because your parents make you. They say it’s a good way to be social and make friends; a way to get out of the house and off the couch.

They stuff you in the car with a sports bag bigger than you and deposit you at the first practice. You’re left with a bunch of other confused, lost youngsters with bags at their feet.

You’re expected to go out on the field and learn how to play footie, or go to dance classes, or somehow manage to manoeuvre a tennis racket bigger than you, or swim multiple laps with all the other kids when you’re still not sure you won’t just sink to the bottom and drown, when you’d really rather be laid out on the couch at home watching cartoons all day, instead.

As you grow older, you’re no longer forced to get into the car and go to practices by your parents. Your sport, and your team, are something you’ve actually begun to enjoy.

Your teammates soon become a group of people you not only sweat, practice, and win games or perform with, but friends you hang out with.

They’re the people you know you can rely on, on and off the field. They’ve turned into people you consider best mates, and who you work with that much better on the field; which is why sports are so much better with your friends.

How do you and your team make sports that much #BetterWithFriendz?

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