Closing a Project in PRINCE2

Finishing a Project is a short process but it is also one of the most important steps to take in a PRINCE2 Project. The main purpose is to provide a fixed point to check that the project has reached its objectives and that the products have been accepted by the customer.

While in the process you’ll need to verify the acceptance of the project’s products, ensure that products can be supported after the project, review the performance of the project and make a plan for post-project reviews.

It is also highly necessary to address the open issues and risks to the Project Board with a follow up on actions and recommendations so they can decide when to close the project. As soon as the Project Board close the project, the Project Manager prepares the project for closure.

How to close a PRINCE2 Project?

There are several activities that need to be performed before the Project closure:

  • Prepare planned closure: Where you can confirm the completion and acceptance of the products
  • Prepare permanent closure: Only when the Project Board request it.
  • Hand over products
  • Evaluate the project: Compare project objectives and write end project report.
  • Recommend project closure: Send a notification to the project board

There are also two main ways that can trigger the closing a project process:

  • Natural close at the end of project
  • Premature close (Coming from the Project Board)

All other documents are used as usual, as the project manager needs to create an end project report and prepare the project for closure.

Closing a Project Outputs

  • Lessons report: Lessons will be valuable to future projects and are given to the project board.
  • Follow-up on action recommendations: Given to the persons who will support the products.
  • Updated CIR (configuration item records): Keep CIR documents up to date
  • Draft closure notification: Prepared by PM and sent out by project board to stakeholders
  • Updated benefits management approach for post benefit reviews
  • End project report: This is a report on the performance of the project. The PM will use the project plan, business case, and most other information in the baselined PID.

Finally, the PM will send a closure recommendation to the project board and the Project will be completely closed.

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