Half Dead & Very Much Alive.

Sometimes I love the slow day at work. Because I get to browse stuff and every now and then stumbled upon something interesting for me to ponder on. The beauty of internet has given me inspiration.

So from the usual tabs of daily article platforms, YouTube, and 9gag I found something that really provokes both my mind and human spirit. I read something about a guy having cancer. He made this illustration of himself with his daily struggles with cancer. To be more specific, butt cancer.

Yes, butt cancer.

Scrolling through his web, I found a post dated back from November 2015. It was about Carpe Diem. Seizing the day. That post made me rethink about my life. At one point I was searching for a cancer patient just to talk to them about how they are dealing with their life.

In his illustration, he wrote that when he was diagnosed with cancer, the first thing he wanted to do was to seize the day. He didn’t just want to survive, he wanted to do something more. All the crap that mattered suddenly didn’t matter anymore.

There’s a quote from a movie that goes “the closer you are to death, the more alive you feel.” Well, in his case, it’s true. It got me thinking how amazing the human spirit is. In the condition of facing certain early death, when exposed to a real mortal threat, it can push itself against the odds. Although, it’s also sad that it needs to face such threat for it to finally rise.

When I think about it, some of us that are healthy and doing just fine are actually more dead than this guy. We’re alive but not living. We’re blinded by our own version of time. Thinking that we will always have enough time to do those thing later, or tomorrow.

Are we just waiting for some life-threatening wake up call?

Thanks for reading, you lovely people. Please recommend or share this if you like it and I will be eternally grateful. Cheers!

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