Since when are comedians supposed to be the ones holding our political leaders’ feet to the fire?
Brian Lazration

Comedy can be effective propaganda; propaganda meant to pacify a population that should be rightly outraged at the deterioration of their quality of life wrought on by their political and economic elite’s decisions.

It is insidious because it imposes an idea into the mind that everything is alright, it’s just this particular politician(s) that are problematic, that the system is nearly perfect but it’s just being misused by those evil Republicans/weak Democrats.

It’s really clear what is the problem if you’re willing to look at the United States and European phenomenons honestly. It’s Neoliberalism.
It’s Capitalism. It is eroding social cohesion and driving economic inequalities that make vulnerable people’s reception to the siren call of Fascism.

So those Late Night Comedians — whether they realize it or not — serve Neoliberal Capitalism. They propagate the disintegration of the society.
Which despite the conservatives inability to identify the cause of our problems, they instinctively distrust charlatans proclaiming prosperity in the face of their own misery.