You are insinuating that because comedians took a job with NBC, CBS, ABC etc… that they serve the…
Brian Lazration

Crony capitalism is capitalism. It always devolves into oligopolies.
It will use its influence and power to direct the state and state actors to provide an advantage for their industry against their competitors/secure their own interests. They will resort to fraud to corner the market.
Capitalists do not believe in free market, they only believe in profit — even over life itself — and will do anything to acquire said profit.

It is a problem, it is exploitative, and it is destructive.
Its purpose — rapid industrialization and production — has been served and now it is destroying the ecosystem, the planet, and our future.

Your fatigue of people assigning responsibility for an economic system that dominates nigh-every facet of our lives is just you playing an Ostrich.
It’s real, it’s evil, and you recognize it as capitalism. Even if you think it’s just a “deformed version”. Please do yourself a favor and stop ignoring history of capitalism and its adventures in driving European/American Imperialism of the 19th and early 20th centuries.

And Stewart was not a satirist; he made light of political dysfunction and dissipated the anger into steam. His criticisms allotted to no activist outcries or severe criticisms of power. His transition of “satire” from the Bush to Obama administrations led him to being a public mouthpiece for the state and its policies. Fierce critics of power don’t have White House aides helping them write material for their act.

He did normalize Blackwater by inviting their founder on his show. He normalized Condaleeza Rice and Rumsfeld when he invited him on their shows, scolded them, and then redeemed their image as merely having different opinions or dismissing them as incompetent. NO. They are war criminals and they do not deserve a platform.

What is really troubling is that she assumes that the American people aren’t smart enough to know what is actually going on in the country and that they all get their news from late night shows. That sounds a bit condescending to me.

Have you met the American people? To take a page of Morris Berman’s works, the American people are not that smart nor are they well educated to begin with. The US is an imperial power in decline and the fear is that it will drag the planet down with it just to satisfy its own nature for the acquisition of more wealth.

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