So you cite a Politico article that states how Jon Stewart used his stature to influence policy and…
Brian Lazration

I was offering another opinion to enunciate my point; as far as Stewart and the White House working together, it’s a shame you don’t see a problem with the incestuous nature of a self-described satirist and critic of government and politics working as a mouthpiece for the Obama administration.

“Human nature” is fluid, malleable, and differentiates between cultures.
It is not a static thing which capitalism somehow captures and amplifies.
Before Capitalism emerged there was Feudalism, before Feudalism were slave societies. These systems of life would have appeared to be the natural order of things until they were overthrown through societal collapse or revolution. Capitalism overthrew Feudalism.

It took time. The English Civil War established the supremacy of the bourgeoisie class in parliament over the monarchy, the monarchy had already centralized state power over the aristocracy, so capitalism flourished with that revolution. Property rights were respected.

It took a century after that to usher in and defeat Feudalism in France with their own bloody revolution which cemented bourgeois interests over the French nobles and privileges. Even Napoleon’s imperial policies only cemented bourgeois rights and place in the French society.

The bourgeoisie overthrew the aristocratic classes.
And perhaps within a century or within capitalism’s inevitable self-inflicted recessions/collapses — the way capitalism failed in 1929 — we will usher in more Socialist experiments.

Socialism has worked in the past and it can work again; I’m not talking about State Capitalist countries like China, Cuba, or the USSR either. There’s Tito’s Yugoslavia, the Paris Commune, and Revolutionary Catalonia. Among a few.

Some 19 year old Briton even made a video of this:

In any case capitalism itself is destroying the planet and your only criticism is that socialism somehow is opposed to “human nature”.

You are now just arguing an ideology and you favor that ideology to continue its perpetuation even if it means the destruction of the human species as a result of it because you can’t envision a life without capitalism.

Nordic countries are not perfect and they’re closer to what is called Social Democratic states. Because they are still capitalist states, and Neoliberalism seeks to privatize and deregulate state utilities/functions, those welfare programs and labor strengths are ultimately going to be under attack as they are now.

You seem to ignore that the luxuries the West enjoys is based upon the squalor and exploitation of resources from the Third World — Africa, Asia, and South America — and that the history of capitalism is the history of exploitation and destruction. Just because the Nordic states are relatively benign in appearance does not mean that they profit and participate in this exploitation as well.

Sweden is one of the largest arms manufacturers in the world and exports those arms to problem countries with history of human rights abuses.
Denmark has a surge of xenophobic/Islamophobic political pressure as a result of ME immigration to those states; their argument being they can not support them — but this is a lie — and this right wing reaction looks to restrict immigration. Immigration is needed to supplement birthrates and labor pools but it seems Denmark only tolerates the right kind of immigrant.

Capital’s only morale is more. It does not care about humanity, the ecosystem, or the dignity of either. Its ideology is the same as a cancer cell, and without new markets to exploit will turn inwards devouring the institutions that upheld it. That is what Neoliberalism is. 
And Neoliberalism is infecting even your Nordic countries. It will undo the welfare state and the New Deal, given time. It always will.

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