Just nope.
Amber Lisa

Johnstone said that not one acolyte of Clinton has managed to use any data or empirical evidence to denounce the anti-Clinton rhetoric and stigmatization.

And your entire rambling post vindicated Johnstone’s assertion.
Clinton was unique among her peers in that she wanted to escalate military tension and conflict with a nuclear power.


Then you go to Whataboutisms. Yes, Republicans are terrible. But your only defense — the Democratic Party — is complicit in undermining your collective way of life,freedoms, education, and future. 
This is like decrying Cancer in favor of Diabetes.

Let’s try a Whataboutism here:
Why do you exonerate the Clinton campaign for setting up Trump — in an effort to make a defeatable candidate — and having it backfire on them?


Lastly you go to attacking Johnstone’s identity and journalism. 
Your entire and mostly incomprehensible rant avoided talking about the issue of which Maher is misrepresenting Clinton’s failure as a politician, candidate, and person as the lesser evil.

The point was that the Democrats need to be reformed and avoid forcing the electorate play a game of Chicken with their future.
They set up Trump, they dared the electorate to vote against Clinton hoping they’d be coerced into voting for her, and it backfired.

Be upset at the Democrats. And type coherent sentences in consideration for your readers.

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