Yes, Stalin had people executed in the pursuit of defending the revolution.
Prole Center

Mm.. Holodomor is still debated as an act of genocide or mismanagement; because of the subsequent famines elsewhere in the USSR and lack of clear evidence demonstrating intent of genocide,I’m inclined to believe it was gross mismanagement. Even if there was Kulak and insurgent resistance, the death toll is too high to determine them as the cause and not mismanagement or malicious intent.

I won’t deny sabotage, but Lenin had to centralize power and transition the Russian empire from a feudal state to a thriving industrialized one through using state capitalism (substituting private capital) and unfortunately it never transitioned to widespread socialism — worker ownership of the workplace — and became a military superpower/welfare state.

Although I won’t deny that the USSR made incredible technological transitions and contributions, as well as the elimination of hunger, homelessness, and unemployment.

I’d identify as being a Luxemburgist, which is why I’m highly skeptical of ML and movements that demand centralized power on behalf of the people.
The founders of the US did that in the name of liberty but established a bourgeois state to deny others those declared liberties just so their property and power can be preserved.

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