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How many zeros you have on your bank account is meaningless. Richness comes within you.

As a surfer, when I thought of what my happy place would look like, I used to think of warm waters and sunny early mornings. Never would I have pictured cold water and rainy late afternoon paradise. And yet, a few miles away from Manhattan, NY, USA, at the far end of the A express line, I surprisingly found that one of a kind happy place.

Life has a way of bringing the unexpected on our way. This is its wealth, our wealth. …

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Writing is not talking. Once on the page, it’s on. You can’t but face it.

Last week I had a drink with a good friend of mine.

He may well be as young as I am — 21 — , he went through terrible hardships. It’s hard. It’s unfair. But it’s life.

So here we stood, drinking mojitos, talking about life, feelings, and what we expected to achieve down the road. We remembered the many deep conversations we had in economics classes, half-hidden in the very last row. And we laughed when I mimicked the silly gesture of our teacher when he showed me the paper saying that I got accepted in “prepa class”.


Your physical self can teach priceless lessons to your entire self.

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In 2018 I was diagnosed with a heart anomaly called bundle of Kent.

To keep it simple, the bundle of Kent is an extra pathway in your heart, resulting in abnormally high heart rate. Needless to say that if it goes too high, your heart breaks. As a result, until I got operated I couldn’t do anything that could possibly push my heart rate up. In other words, although I was a highly sporty guy, I was no longer able to perform any sport of any kind.

It lasted a few months. It may not seem much. But I felt…

The most precious asset is problem finding.

My supply chain management teacher once told us that “finding problems is more important than solving them”.

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It blew my mind away because I have always been taught, on the contrary, to solve problems. In math, at school — well, not in philosophy classes, might be why I liked it so much — , in the video games I played, in almost everything I did the goal was to find a solution.

In fact, I did think that problems were only meant to be solved and you were meant to drift around from one problem to another, from one solution…

Creativity and productivity await next door

I do like to listen to inspiring speeches. I’ve heard a lot. And they all can be summed up the same way.

  1. Don't ever think small
  2. You are very likely to fail — and even fail several times —
  3. But that’s no concern as soon as you are self-confident

Here we are: confidence. Arguably this is what distinguish a winner from a loser because confidence makes you up when you are down.

The very basic idea is that without confidence no one even stands a chance to succeed.

Let’s go further: if you are not confident in the people you…

To surf was originally an act of faith, a way to lead his life. This time was not unlike our own…

Breathtaking moment… (credit: Ben Warren on unsplash)

He had become so caught up in building sentences that he had almost forgotten the barbaric days when thinking was like a splash of color landing on a page.

Edward St. Aubyn, Mother’s Milk

This is the quote William Finnegan used as a preamble of Barbarian Days: A Surfing Life, his violently inspiring, breathtaking — literally — biography.

“Thinking was like a splash of color landing on a page”… The quote is just like the book: simple, powerful.

Don’t overthink. Don’t have a life plan. …

From Global to Globall

There is no place like home.

In her Christmas speech of 2017 Queen Elizabeth II spoke about home — about what we call home to be precise. Whatever — house, neighbourhood, community… — it may be “we think our homes as places of warmth, familiarity and love”, she said, rightly. It may sound a bit naive but the backdrop was nothing but awful.

So is today. Not to mention, bombings, slaughters and attacks keep striking citizens everyday, and more than ever people suffer from thirst, hunger, floods, drought…

In other words our home — or our “sanctuary” (Queen Elizabeth II)…

Léo Roblin

We're all on the road to become oursleves. I write about what I come across on that seemingly endless and periodically tough road of mine.

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