Erin N Panepucci handled a Slew of Responsibilities Serving as an Administrative Assistant

Erin N. Panepucci From Elgin Illinois

Erin Panepucci is a highly experienced professional who has working knowledge in the retail beverage industry. She is a self-driven, diligent person with great communication and problem-solving skills. She has experience in handling various responsibilities serving the position of an Administrative Assistant. She successfully performed various duties that are listed below:

- Assisted management with planning then executing special events and workshop.
- Greeted clients and evaluated their needs, and based on that directed to appropriate departments.
- Performed inventory check and reconciled orders and audited for inaccuracies.
- Copied and scanned documents into electronic form and set appointments in Outlook/Google Calendar.
- Processed purchase orders along with monitoring proper shipment and delivery.
- Assisted management on special tasks ensuring accuracy to make project deadlines.
- Handled multiple phone calls and scheduled appointments.
- Prepared and managed invoices, faxes, receipts and account profiles.
- Researched and resolved errors and ensured customer satisfaction.

Erin Panepucci also taught individuals and small groups from K-4 while working as an Elementary School Teacher. She accessed, recorded, and communicated student progress, and delivered lessons to students of different age groups and learning abilities.

Erin actively participates in community development activities, and Live Out Loud Charity is one of the non-profit associations she supports. She always participates in this association’s activities, which are focused on educating people in depression and suicide conditions. The association has an annual fashion show, and the main aim of starting it is to discuss important issues with individuals, families, and community.

Erin Panepucci has been a part of then called Dr. Seuss Run for Literacy in Balboa Park for 2002 and 2003. The race launched to raise funds for literacy, and since its inauguration, it keeps growing. In this mile-long stretch from Sixth Avenue to Maple Street, there were 6500 participants including children and adults.

Erin N. Panepucci also coordinated Teen Health Fair at the Elgin Housing Authority. This event was organized for educating teen about how to make healthy lifestyle choices. A wide range of organizations participated in this event.