Erin N. Panepucci is a Philanthropic who Participates in Community Development Works

Erin N. Panepucci From Elgin, Illinois

Erin Panepucci is a well-educated professional who has a successful career as an Administrative Assistant. She served diverse range of duties pertaining to program management and administrative support. Her exceptional problem solving, written and verbal communication skills made her able to plan and execute different set of operations collaborating with team members.

Erin Panepucci is a philanthropic who believes in charity work. She has been involved in a wide range of activities organized for community development. She worked with Illinois Coalition for Community Services, and contributed a lot in converting its objectives into reality. She researched, assessed and surveyed local residential needs, and found solutions to improve the community’s condition. She worked her way up to expand the community’s projects by recruiting volunteers and developing relationships with other associations. In addition, she also familiarized people with the programs and events of the organization through mailers, letters, and advertisements.

Erin N. Panepucci From Elgin, Illinois

Erin N. Panepucci has coordinated Teen Health Fair at the Elgin Housing Authority. The main aim behind organizing this fair was to educate teen about different lifestyle options, and help them to choose the right one that suits their personality the best. In this event, a wide range of reputed organizations participated, and made required coordination.

In Balboa Park of San Diego, a charitable event then named Dr. Seuss Run for Literacy was organized. The event was held for raising money for literacy, and its race coordinator was Lynn Flanagan. This mile-long race from Sixth Avenue and Maple Street through the park to south of Laurel Street was successful, and had more than 6500 participants, of which Erin N. Panepucci was one. In this race, there were people of different age groups from children to adults, and they really enjoyed the event.