Erin Panepucci is a Well-Experienced Administrative Assistant

Erin N. Panepucci — Elgin, Illinois

Erin Panepucci is a highly-experienced Administrative Assistant. She has served a slew of responsibilities and handled a number of operations related to project management. At the same time, she has great experience in providing administrative support. Her team handling and problem solving capabilities help her to successfully collaborate with the team members and deliver the best possible results. She gives utmost importance to team work that allows her to plan and implement any task in an efficient manner. She is proficient in Microsoft office tools including Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook, and One Note.

Erin Panepucci also has shipping experience in retail beverage industry, including invoicing and associated shipping activities, as well as receipt confirmation. As an Administrative Assistant, she has served many responsibilities like:

- Evaluating the needs of her clients, managing all the aspects of office, handling multiple calls, and scheduling appointments in order to keep balance of all her duties.

- Setting appointments, performing inventory check, reconciling orders and auditing them for inaccuracies.

- Assisting management with proper planning to ensure accuracy, executing special events, and organized workshops.

- Monitoring shipment and delivery to vendors, and resolving errors for maximum customer satisfaction.

Erin Panepucci believes in charity and has helped Illinois Coalition Services to accomplish its tasks effectively. As a contribution towards community development, she comprehensively researches, accesses, and surveys the local residential needs. For the success of such activities pertaining to community development, she puts in great efforts. She was also involved in recruiting volunteers and developing relationships with other organizations to expand community projects. She has created flyers, mailers, letters and advertisements to generate public awareness of different programs and events.

Erin Panepucci became a participant in Dr. Seuss Run for Literacy. It was a charitable event organized with the objective of raising money for literacy. The event was successful and over 6500 people took part in it, including children as well as adults. Erin also coordinated Teen Health Fair at the Elgin Housing Authority. Besides that, she was a part of the Annual fashion show by Live out Loud Charity, which is a suicide prevention non-profit organization.