Home-based Jobs for People Who Prefer to Work at Home

Leo Serafico
Sep 18 · 4 min read
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Like myself, some people just prefer working at home rather than getting the typical 9–5 job and spending hours in an office cubicle.

Just this year, I got to fulfill one of my wishes in life to become a full-time freelance writer and just work at home in my room wearing my pajamas all day.

Here are some tips you might find useful if you’re thinking of doing the same:

People who would like to pursue a home-based job have different reasons for wanting it; some people like the ‘freedom’, some want to do it so they’ll be close to their children, and some are like me — just dislikes the 9–5 system.

Here are some home-based jobs you could have if you prefer working at home:


Are you quick to notice grammatical typos and mistakes? Then this job might suit you well. This job is one of my first online jobs when I was just starting out in the online job world back when I was in college.

Proofreading is a good starting point if you want to transition to freelance writing in the future.

That brings us to the second item on the list:

Freelance Writing

Freelance writing is my main source of income these days and it can be yours too, if you put in the effort into becoming one.

There are different niches in the freelance writing realm that can cater to what yours is but as I’ve stated in this article:

you can’t be too choosy with the assignment, especially when just starting out.

If you’re looking for some of the best sites for freelance writers, check this out:

Selling Products

There are three platforms that I can personally recommend to do this on:

  1. Facebook Marketplace

I buy and sell products on Facebook. Check out your Facebook Marketplace community, see what are the bestsellers and work your way from there.

It’s best to buy products on a rushed price, it’s cheaper so you’ll have a little bit more profit.

2. Selling Using Amazon FBA

Amazon’s FBA program provides sellers the opportunity to distribute and sell products using Prime — Amazon’s leading distribution service.

One of the things I like about this is that you don’t have to create your own product, Amazon provides many products at a discounted price if bought at a wholesale rate.

Just select the best product, advertise, and Amazon will do the storage, distribution, and delivery.

3. Selling on eBay

This has got to be the most popular home-based job there is. It’s fairly easy once you get all other things covered.

Unlike Amazon FBA, you have to provide your own product, take a nice looking picture, add a cleverly written description and post them on the website.

eBay provides a whole range of market; it’s available to many countries and most people go to eBay for good second-hand lucky finds so it’s best to provide uncommon products.

ESL Teaching

If your English skills are slightly above average, you can teach kids the international language for a pretty neat pay.

I’ve been doing this since college until earlier this year and ESL teaching has paid for many college books I needed.

You just need a fast internet speed, a laptop with clear webcam, and a headset with microphone and you’re good to go.

Testing Websites

A common misconception about testing websites is that you need a technical background. That just sounds harder than it really is.

Business sites, blogs, and retail and e-commerce sites are always looking for people to test their websites to ensure that it works properly.

The usual set-up to testing websites is recording yourself going through the website — navigating and documenting the website and the experience going through it.

This can be paired up with any of the above jobs for some quick bucks.

Completing Surveys

This has got to be the easiest side-gig in the history of man-kind. Although it can be mind-numbingly boring at times, it’s good when you just want to sit and not think too much and make some cash.

Survey Junkie and Swagbucks are easy websites to complete surveys on. This side-hustle can add $200 to your wallet every month — that’s a lot of coffee!

Photo by Helloquence on Unsplash

We all have different reasons for wanting to work at home. Technology, though it has it’s cons, provides an outlet for us to work comfortably on our couches.

I suggest doing a little bit of the home-based jobs that interest you and create a strategy on how you’re going to transition.

Although primarily for freelance writing, most are applicable to many home-based jobs, this article might help you with transitioning:

If I managed to pull off working at home as a full-time job, then so can you. Just be patient, strategize, work hard and work smart.

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