This post describes a neural network built to predict the BMI (body mass index) of a person from an image of their face.This project borrows from another project made to classify the age and gender of a person using the input of their face, including the weights of a trained model and a script used to dynamically detect a user’s face with their webcam. In addition to being an interesting machine learning problem, predicting BMI in this way could be a useful tool in medical diagnostics.

Training Data

The training data used were 4000 images, each of a different individual, taken from…

This post describes a reinforcement learning agent that solves the OpenAI Gym environment, CartPole (v-0). The agent is based off of a family of RL agents developed by Deepmind known as DQNs, which constitute a new field of reinforcement learning called Deep Q Learning. This post will go into the original structure of the DQN agent, additional enhancements in this agent, the code implementation, and the results of testing the implementation in the CartPole v-0 environment. It is assumed the reader has a basic familiarity with reinforcement learning. …

Leo Simmons

So far just posts about machine learning projects of mine. Personal website:

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