Codesmith Life: Episode II

It’s been quite a while since I wrote about Codesmith.

Due to some unfortunate events about a month ago, I had to decide on “leaving” Codesmith or joining the next cohort. At the time, I felt I was well enough equipped with the fundamentals of being a software engineer and what stacks I could use for my apps that I considered taking the first option.

However, after speaking with the instructors I really felt the need to join the next cohort (currently cohort 4) so that I could reach for the stars. I love building things and problem-solving that I decided to join cohort 4. Although I would have to endure many more weeks of 80+ hours, it’s something that doesn’t come to mind unless I think about it.

It’s only been roughly 4 weeks since cohort 4 began, but I feel and see the improvements I’m making, let alone being told I’m making progress. My primary goal in joining cohort 4 is to be able to explain my thought process and the written code. It’s going quite well, but debugging is still an issue that is slowing yet surely being overcome.

Enough about me though. Let’s talk about Codesmith.

After having that talk with the instructors, I truly believe they care. If they see you need a one-on-one with a fellow, they’ll make that happen. If you’re struggling or even frustrated and have to let it out before the “circles” session, they’ll listen and when you’re ready, they’ll give advice. Their willingness to help the students goes unnoticed, but I definitely salute them as their hours are nearly the same, if not longer, than those of the students. Furthermore, they do take the feedback seriously as they want to improve and provide a better experience for the following cohort.

In the end, it’s all the little things that add up. Many times those little things go unnoticed but if you do your best to better yourself daily, you’ll definitely feel and see the changes. I, for one, can testify.