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Over the years, robots have been sliced and diced into many categories: industrial, personal/consumer, autonomous vehicles (AVs), drones, educational, entertainment, medical, humanoid, underwater … and the list goes on. While people imagine the future having robots in many aspects of life, historically, they have had most traction in manufacturing logistics. In this area, these are the common categories of robots:

  • Industrial robot: This robot is generally fixed to the floor of manufacturing plants or warehouses. A classic example is the manufacturing arm, in which robots were manually preprogrammed to perform repetitive tasks with no sensing of the environment around them…

Photo by Shahadat Rahman on Unsplash

We’ve all heard, “Software is eating the world.” But, today let’s talk about a corollary: “Software bugs are the root of all evil.” Software developers certainly will be nodding their heads in agreement, but all of us from Luddites to gadget lovers need to consider how important it is to minimize the number of software bugs living in the wild, particularly when it comes to our online security and — as software continues to eat away — our physical safety, too. …

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