Design Of Environmental Data Collecting App

— Usage Of Pop To Make App Prototype

Introduction of the app

As far as I concerned, the biggest problem for environment research apps is people don't have enough motivation to use those apps. Why would citizens enter tedious boring data into phone? So I made my app in to a game, involving achievement system, multiplayer system, and story system. As people play the game they have to enter more date to level up, and continue the storyline. This way, the app is not only useful for researcher to collect date, but also enjoyable and interesting to play. The other interesting part of the app is it allow researcher to collect all kinds of data since the game could be very flexible. The app i designed also allows players to see what researcher have done with the data they entered, this way player would feel more engaged with the research. The multiplayer system allows you go online and have quiz competition with you friend. The friend you challenge and you will both get ten questions about environmental science, and whoever get the most correct win the game. (If you want more information, you could check out the video below).

The Video Demo Of The App


Although the idea of the app is creative, the designing part of the app could be improved. For example, i didn't realized my app don’ t have a “back” button until my friend told me so. There is still a lot of problem like this. In other world, the app is not user friendly at this phase. On the other hand, because the app we designed was just a prototype, I didn’t wrote the whole script of the story. Also, in the mass media era, an era when we can almost share everything on Facebook, the app don’ t have a inner constructed share button. Another problem the app have is that it might not be attractive for elder populations since it is designed as a game.

Me Sketching The Outline Of The App

Favorite Part Of The Project

My favorite part of the project on class was the share phase, when classmates exchange their ideas. Through this process we were able to innovate each other. Modify existing ideas and come up with brilliant new ideas. My favorite part of the app was the core idea in it. If data collecting is so tedious and boring why don’t we make it more interesting? Isn’t is much better if we can have fun while we are making contribution to environmental research? It is those ideas that constructs my app prototype.

My Classmates Thinking About What Kind Of Date Could Be Collected

Importance Of Interaction Design

The world is always about interaction. The interaction between person and person; The interaction between machine and machine and machine; the interaction between human and machine. Especially in the 21th century, the importance of interaction has never been more focused. Therefor the importance of interaction design is needless to say. It allow users to understand the program in the fastest way. It improves efficiency, and most importantly, it made our lives much easier, the very sprite of HCDE.