Writing to Make Progress and Sense of Life

I am not a writer. Never have been. I wrote in high school in a little black book, but that was to be cool and perhaps impress someone with my terrible poems. So why am I writing now? I don’t know, but I feel like I have to. It isn’t to gain fame, attention, or a new career, just a way to say some stuff out loud, and reference my life experience up until now. Yep, I guess this is some good old fashioned writing therapy.

Why write? Well, because it does something that my camera doesn’t. Writing isn’t particularly attractive to me, but I have no record of my thoughts, my ups and downs, or even moments I enjoyed. It is all in my head or a picture, I have no reference to explain exactly how I felt, and as I get older, details get more foggy. I want to see where I have come and how I overcame my mistakes. If for nothing else, just to remind myself that life goes on and I triumphed that, so why can’t I triumph what I am going through now.

Now I made a challenge to write once a day and I am not going to pour my feelings out on the page every time, but perhaps share some of my experience, talk about photo projects, or whatever is on my mind. I want to be better in life, so I am forcing myself to write. Maybe it will change my life or maybe not, but it is better to try than to live with regret.

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