The New Philosopher Kings: Blockchains

“Captain on deck”

The premise of Philosopher king is their virtue of knowledge and reasoning, which lays the foundation for belief and immutable facts.

Now if you transpose that into smart contracts or blockchain, they behave similarly in the sense they use logic and programmatic reasoning using immutable data (supposedly).

People can be corruptible obviously but theoretically, the blockchain or smart contracts are not, since they have rules set in stone by 0’s and 1’s, assuming it’s impossible to change them, note (hard fork like DAO drama).

The blockchain is ideally the place of immutable knowledge and fact, therefore if it rules or governs the community or its system from within, then it should create a very productive and healthy environment for people to thrive and live on. And since the blockchain behaves like a benevolent ruler, preventing people from acting negatively or giving incentive to be honest, it appears that it’s shares some ideals that Plato was aiming at, justice and pursuit of truth and reasoning.

Another way to view the blockchain is it is a Ship at sea, and you still need “Captains” to help navigate the ship through the crypto sea, ensuring it avoids natural or unnatural disasters. These “captains” or ‘smart contract’ captains can be pre-programmed to look at the facts and make course corrections as needed, such as a needed hard-fork, or neutralize a replay-attack, or scale transactions.

This is just some of my thoughts as I come to realize what this technology can do. I think projects like Ethereum, Aeternity, and could be the next evolving step to allow more “philosopher kings” (blockchains or smart contracts), to create their own governing system that people can CHOOSE to be a part of.

I am going to study more on the “wise man that knows nothing” which is Socrates’ absolute truth in his belief. More to elaborate as this boggles my mind.