Butterfly Soul

O’ butterflied soul, so taunted and teased,
A heart’s great secret concealed.
Divine inspiration flirts with nobility,
Lachrymal, shrouded and feared.

Anodyne dialogue learned as safe,
Harbour of an interred angel.
Emancipation from the nausea,
Expedited for life untold.

Abstract concepts of unnecessary means,
Battle for energy with bawdy furore.
Mortal icons of narrative life, distract,
Not nurture, desirous expression.

Brief glimpses of guardian angels,
Embrace the bliss of pure heaven.
Desolate crisis, catalyst for living,
Passion located; narrator, subject, artist.

Facilitation of functional experimentation.
Scant words eviscerating truth.
Power, entwined with noble pursuit,
Torturously sought, emotionally fraught.

Take me away,
lest I return.
Debasing anxiety,
learned to be.
Lost in process,
For ’tis not me.