The great debate between using ‘lesbian’ or ‘queer’ to describe LGBTQ women and why it matters so fucking much.

First, I want to acknowledge words matter. They have and always will have more weight than we often realize. I’m reminded of this today, more than ever, since we live in a country where we elected a man who says things like,

“I Think Everyone Can Agree Rosie O’Donnell
Deserved to Be Called a Fat Pig.”

WTF? (Rosie, we ❤ you.)

This man has also said derogatory and demeaning things about women, Muslims, immigrants…the list goes on and on. And these…

Lesbians Who Tech arrives in the city where it all started, Berlin. In just a few days Lesbians Who Tech will arrive in Berlin, to connect with one of the most important global tech communities and host the first-ever summit in Berlin. Lesbians Who Tech is bringing together 150+ queer women and our allies from 8 countries to hear speakers on topics that range from civic engagement through technology, how to start a company in Berlin, the #ilooklikeanengineer movement and more.

I’m going to tell you a little more about Lesbians Who Tech…

Leanne Pittsford

I make shit happen. Founder of Lesbians Who Tech. Slip & slide Fan. Coffee & wine obsessed. Lover of Kale & Dachshund mom. I live in SF & DC (mostly).

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