Software has the power to unlock more potential

Technology has become the most important part of our daily lives, we can’t even begin to imagine how life would be without emails, cellphones, cars etc.

When the mainframe computers were introduced in the 1960’s they were adopted by various markets including governments, banks and other large businesses. The efficiency they provided showed endless possibilities of what computer technologies could do. Since then, computers, especially the software part has been evolving, driving massive efficiencies across different industries.

Although Computer hardware and computer software are like inseparable Siamese twins, it is important to acknowledge that software is the integral driver of almost all the technology innovations you know.

Take Netflix for instance; they started as a company that provided a DVD-by-mail service, which was a groundbreaking business model and a valued service in the late 90s. If they continued with this they would have shut down within a space of 10 years. But with the dawn of internet, Netflix was able to ride the digital transformation wave and provided streaming services to an even larger market, while saving costs from mailing DVDs. This transformation was made possible by an internet driven software.

Today we can securely perform bank transactions using apps on our cellphones, we can instantly communicate with our loved ones and order a pizza online. In essence, software and internet allow us to get more things done efficiently while saving time.

With all that said however, software remains one of the hardest things to develop. It takes high tech skills and a couple of thousand dollars to put one together.

If it is such a big part of technology and of our daily lives, how is it that the process of building software is so complex and resource intensive? Honestly, at the exponential rate that industries are changing, software should be easy to build.

At Lepsta we have a clear understanding of this, and we also understand the possibilities software can unlock, hence we have embarked on the journey to find new ways to improve the way software is engineered. We want to make it easy, fast, collaborative and cost effective. Read more about how we do that here.

We are visionaries and we believe software will continue disrupting industries…to infinity and beyond (in the voice of Buzz Lightyear). This article clearly describes how we see the future at Lepsta. We invite you to engage with us on this subject, send us a tweet @_lepsta or an email and tell us what you think about the future of software development.

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