The question we should all be asking

How many times a day do you look around and ask: "Why do I do what I do?"; "Why does what I do matter?"; "Why do I do this?" In our daily lives we have accepted the norm and never question it. We have all sat with a child and they’d ask you something like “why is pink a girl’s colour and blue a boy’s colour?” Chances are you won’t have the answer and as a matter of fact I don’t think anyone really has. So you would say something like “my dear, it’s just how it is”. This might get you wondering but that’s where it would end.

As you grow older you become less curious and more accepting of what was taught to you. You never really question it, you march to the beat and never ponder why these drums, why this song, why are we marching and where are we marching to.
Once you start doing something without understanding it, you are no better than a machine. Humans were not built for such environments, we were born to dream without boundaries, to shoot for the heavens.

The day we stop dreaming is the day we start dying — Mark Batterson

We at Lepsta believe in asking the simple question “WHY”. That is the philosophy that the company is built upon. There is no individual that can’t be challenged, there is no absolute truth, just views that should be questioned. In those question we grow, in those questions we discover and most importantly in those questions we change the world.

In everything we do, we ask that question. We have stopped accepting the norms that society has dictated. We dream of a world where people stop accepting blindly but lead with conviction.
You can only change the world once you question it. Be like a child and question everything and if the answer doesn’t make sense then change it.

Be the change that you want to see in the world — Mahatma Gandhi
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