Think in English, think in BIG

People usually think about, the way of each one can pursue your happiness; but they don’t think in the happiness from everyone. Let me explain: Every person take a dream from the inner of your soul but frequently this person forget the wife or husband’s dream. We need to create always the real and constant connection between the daily love expressions and daily actions too.

We all have similar potential energy by Alex Mathers

Your wife or husband need create a logical thinking to growth our inner power on communication and they can development new ideas, i.e. listening a piano peaceful spotify list while write a medium post. It’s a perfect explanation about how can create our dreams. In may case, my dreams were relate to writing process.

At beginning, I don’t understand my situation my life always were related to get a job and get some money for buy food or everything else, until some day almost at the end of my university students’ day my professor Emilio Parra told me that he saw in me a vertient of writer on me attitudes. It was a balsam that aid my hurt soul. This day was a real happy day for me ’cause finally someone external to me can view my dream on your most clear view.

In Our inner dreams always there are an utopian and a real aspect; It’s utopian ’cause not all have this vision about our life and it’s real ’cause is based on our daily living experience.