Step into our office.

Hey readers, welcome to our blog. Don’t act too surprised — you know Lerica is a two for one deal!! YEEEET.

How did we get here? We thought with our impending graduation (exactly 65 days away) we should really make the most of the rest of our undergraduate careers. So we’re leaning in to blogging. Get ready to hear about our triumphs, tragedies and tales of Tuesday/Thursday nights. Honestly… being middle tier, post exec blondes has never been so exhilerating and we hope you feel that when you read our blog.

So strap in because it’s going to be a wet and wild ride ;-) … come back Friday morning for our post about Thursday night with Weezy F Baby!!!!

“We the illest, we the coolest
The sickest and the smoothest, the gifted and the goofiest”


P.S. — if you want a mental image of us RN, here you go: Erica is laying in her bed, as am I. We are both freshly showered and our bodies lathered up with lotion. Erica has a matching PJ set on and I’m in a big t shirt — we are both letting things hang loose, if you know what I mean. We’re probs going to hit the lights soon so have to go so we can tuck each other in!!! Nighty night!!!!

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