We In This

Hey readers, did you think we were done? Because we are just getting started.

To change things up, we are going to start with our pop culture question of the week… we, like the rest of America, are wondering: who TF is “Becky with the good hair,” Bey? Leigh played into the Rita Ora possibility and left some comments on Rita’s Instagram which naturally drew responses from other Instagram users. Specifically, @astrid_moone tagged Leigh and said, “No bitch, go squeeze some [lemon emoji] in your eye hoe.” If you think that’s bad, it gets better. Next, @ocl313 said: “fuck you cunt. Your bitch queen gives to fuck about you.” Naturally, all Leigh responded with was: “@ocl313 two*” No response after that from @ocl313, MIC DROP.

Now, we will give you a recap of our experience on boats. If you aren’t familar, it is used as a verb in this sense (not our doing, but we go with it). So yeah, Sunday of Little 5 we DID boats.

We really didn’t think this was going to be a drinking day for us, as we were still recovering from a long Little 5 week and a Saturday spin on the Roys patio. Leigh actually spoke the words, “I’m not drinking today.” when she woke up. However, this quickly changed when we shotgunned two beers at Stone “Mansion” at 11am on that fateful Sunday morning (#Day8) of Little 5. That was super fun and then we got in a pledge ride that acted like he was driving in a game of Mario Kart throughout Bloomington. We actually caught air over a speed bump and poor Tori’s head hit the roof of the car. It ain’t easy being sleazy and by sleazy we mean 5'11.

When we arrived at the marina we had a lot of time to kill so we went to the bathroom twice, played catch with a yellow rubber ball and stole some goldfish from the general store. Not really but we had a misunderstanding and Jack, who we assume was the manager of the general store, threw major shade our way. The tizzy people get in about cheddar crackers shaped like small fish is amazing!

When we finally got on the double ducker pontoons, we started ripping shots. This continued throughout the day until we returned to land around 5pm. Things got really interesting here because a pledge ride kind of kicked us out of his car and then let us back in and then there was just an elephant in the room (or car). However, we turned this bad situation into a good one and for the next 40 minutes we talked about we don’t really know what. Fun times with members of the tribe though!

We really were craving sushi but had to make a pit stop at DG to retrieve our wallets. Somewhere between getting out of the pledge’s car and our room we blacked out. So, naturally, when we reached the second floor landing Leigh thought it would be super fun to turn all the fuses off so everyone in 2nd old wing lost power. LOL see photo below.

Leigh switching the fuses back and forth outside the second floor old wing.

As of lately, we’ve really enjoyed attending our final week of classes in our undergraduate career! Actually that’s not true at all and room 212 saw its first graduation/end of year/2 weeks left tears on Monday night. Lerica was discussing the logistics of their moveout and Leigh just couldn’t hold back. Luckily, the tears were caught by the lovely spread of hummus, cracker assortment, spicy pickles and raspberry sorbet. Honestly, when are we not eating? *Shoutout to Colleen Strachan who watched Leigh eat like…5 Baked cookies today.

We DID really enjoy initiation round 2. Specifically, we enjoyed the variety of outfits we saw this time around. Our favorite was Tori’s tight little white dress. Damn girl!! Word on the street is that she wasn’t wearing any panties. You do you girl! Leigh also really enjoyed wearing her white, terricloth robe. Nothing better than welcoming a new sister in your birthday suit and a comfy bath robe!

Well readers, that’s all for now. It’s not the end yet, but the next time you hear from us on this creative platform it will probably be our last. We can’t wait to share this special last post with you and hope you will be along for the ride…

Ashes to ashes, dust to side chicks,