Maybe I missed the meeting but what

kind of idiot teaches kids hard work is

them working a job to make someone

wealthy for our whole life as a virtue?

You believe wealthy people’s work for

the shit they got? It’s all inheritances.

Money passed down for generations.

Excuse me but wasn’t our technology

invented to ease the work load on us?

If we’re advanced, why work more for

less? If we produce so much why is it

money ain’t falling out of my pockets?

Technologies are made from material

taken from our planet, so why do only

certain folks benefit from her wealth?

UNICEF estimates at least 136 million

babies are born every year. 4 million

babies are born in the United States.

I’m sorry but you can’t create enough

jobs for the numbers coming soon. At

some point people are gonna have to

stop and reevaluate not what they are

doing but why they are doing it. For a

simple minded selfish money hungry

self absorbed materialistic people we

sure like to play dumb when it comes

to what or where money comes from.

We demand the newest technologies,

until it takes our job. A robot does not

have to be smart. They perform tasks

they’re programmed to do, they don’t

get sick don’t ask questions talk back

claim disability, work mans comp, sue

quit complain or go on strike like you.

No paid vacation maternity leave over

time and a half full obedient 3/5 man.

Begging for slave jobs chump change

dimes & nickels. Son you can’t handle

the truth. Look back in the 60's when

women’s liberation began, we all got

fooled. Ladies entered the workforce

during World War II, as so many male

soldiers were away, women took jobs

to support their family and keep their

economies on track meaning estates,

doubled their slaves all under a guise

of fighting for equal rights & freedom.

What better way to double workforce

productions to further dismantle your

families so slowly over time, as not to

notice normalizing 40hr work weeks?

Don’t worry be happy, cause I’ll cover

employees inevitable disease working

for a company only after 20% is taken

out your checks yet you’re still forced

into the co-pay. Healthcare should be

called what it is could not health care

less about this country’s government.

At birth we’re sculpted by the Church

Schools indoctrinating with education

creating another slaborer generation,

teaching submission grade 1st — 12th.

Meaning a teacher knows. Kids don’t.

Who’s the real parent of your children.

while you work hard to give em better.

than you had back when you grew up

from the phrase jobbe of work “piece

of work.” In the bible he’s “the upright

man, whose faith in God survive tests

of repeated calamities.” And if you’ve

ever worked a job that makes perfect

sense. I ain’t talking careers, where at

least there’s some passion involved. I

see slaves in a 9 to 5 and swing shifts

graveyards, just to make ends meet?

Want the truth, follow the yellow brick

road fiat currency’s all we know since

1933, when you became collateral for.

gold. Now we back corporations with

sweat equity or at least until they find

a new employee outside this country.

Why not. outsource industry? Make it

sound pretty like Free Trade, and now

you’re free to pursue this “happiness”

with brown people who compete paid

30 cents a day but where’s that leave

you? How’s that for job security? The

industries do not give a shit about us.

Wanna know why they can’t find what

causes cancer? Look no further, your

jobs serve no meaningful purpose for

humans or planet earth is the answer.

What’s a job if we cannot breathe air?

Every job pays a tax facilitating war in

a country full of brown people making

employees co-conspirators it’s a fact.

Start thinking outside your cubical for

a second and think first about raising

the bar to at guaranteed basic needs.

Whether a person works a job or not.

That’s only if we wanna stay attached

to this government’s Federal Reserve

Fractional Bank system that’s actually

private colluding with the IMF, driving

the United States Corporation further

into debt at the peoples expense. Yes

America is Great. At hitting a bullseye

on the wrong target. Settling for baby

steps & waiting for legislation to pass

will be the death of your dumb asses.

If the definition of insanity’s doing the

same thing over again and expecting

different results why don’t we cut the

idiot presidents from the neck down?

45, and we still cross fingers hope for

the best. With bills from corporations

who rule our lives breathing down our

necks. We still pay water bills? Please

fill me in who is charging them for our.

water? If General Electric, one of thee

largest corporations on earth, has not

paid taxes since it’s inception in 1813,

why the fuck do we pay electric bills?

How did they get away with it? I can’t

ask a question that I don’t possess an

answer to. They push & we acquiesce

there is no one else to blame but you.

The truth hurts so I’ve learned to take

pleasure in life’s pain I might consider

being normal if it didn’t include being

one of you. No thx, quite comfortable

with critical thinking go ahead call me

crazy for not wanting to punch clocks

for the white boss to be sane like you.

First step is to admit we’re slaves. We

cannot change not knowing the roots

of the correct problem. We only work

to succeed ourselves as an individual

and sometimes our immediate family.

But even that’s changed dramatically.

If your claim is they divide & conquer

why claim you’re an in divide you all?

What happens to all the white people

“Unity” when brown wanna talk about

redistribution of consolidated wealth

among whites & reparation for crimes

you still commit both present & past?

Quite simply there would not even be

an economy without indigenous land

and free labor from “blacks”. Until we

deal with that issue, we’ll only appear

to advance. It is hard to see where we

are going not knowing where we have

been so I suggest, study your history.

Yet we have money to start wars with

Brown and Blacks across the planet?

Even active military rape victims and

PTSD soldiers returning from war get

treatment and that’s a single incident.

Still suffering you, hundreds of years,

received zero treatment nor payment

for damage we accrue so excuse you

if we call in sick just to sit on our ass.

Better give me a damn good excuse if

you really want me to work my ass off

at a shitty white ass slave job for you.

Capitalism comes fixed with the poor

people’s we learn to ignore everyday.

Remember, 4 million babies are born

in the United States alone and we live

longer than ever in the grand scheme

age of mortality. If we claim ourself to

be world leaders shouldn’t we at least.

put action to ideals we feed the world

as the model of a great country? That

is called integrity. If we’re living in this

harsh world do you think the example

we’ve led by might have something to

do with what we witness? US average

income is $52,000. In California costs.

per inmate per year is $71,000. That’s.

right, that’s $19,000 more as inmates

than you are worth as a “ US citizen”.

Some perspective for those confused.

that’s 4x the $15,000 minimum wage

of a current. 2.5 million incarcerated.

We spend more on prisoners per year

than graduates student school loans.

Only we force students to pay it back.

We live in a new time and place. Both

of which we can’t afford to waste. We

must let go and move on from an old.

I know American’s pride them self on

a strong work ethic, but it’s that work

ethic that causes greed as most don’t

think about their jobs affect on others

in other parts of our planet, where we

essentially create 3rd worlds from the

lifestyles we lead. So you can see, we

already give away billions of dollars to.

the prison industrial complex. Makes

better sense to just give it directly to

the people in need. Hell we could half

the money and it would still pay more

to poor working to live within poverty.

We’re gonna have to get over fears of

being generous to take care of those

“less fortunate’s” we create. It would

stimulate the economy, reduce crime,

and ease long time racial tension. Yes

some people will exist for free on our

dimes. But the wealthy already do, so

things will not change much from the

current situation. The only difference

will be money being redirected to the

impoverished not hoarded by a small

percentage stagnating this economy.

Then maybe we’ll concentrate on our

careers and passions working toward

more equitable existence for all of us.

By us I mean all living and this planet.

Normality is as much a psychological

concept as it is a political & economic

concept. Behind every “disorder” you

are labeled with come an economic &

political agenda. Who defines what is

normal & In what ways does behaving

normal operate & serve their interest?

Truth is to exist here or anywhere one

is told for them, you have to be crazy.

Please think about this next time you

look down on the poor homeless slob

and think you have nothing to do with

his poverty at work punching a clock,

Don’t take my word look it up yourself

when it comes to truth, trust no body,

but as Shaman that is my fucking job.