Shit Talk

People ask my lineage all the time. To

please them & avoid a history lesson

they are not genuinely interested in,

even if it’s their own history that was

simultaneously hidden from/imposed

on us I offer them “Toltec” with a 😊

They are like “The Four Agreements,

like Mayans from Guatemala, right?”

And I’m like “yeah” in the most polite

tone possible. But inside it’s like “ No

actually, we are from the ground you

are currently walking upon & illegally

occupying I should mention. Not that

you care. lol. But let’s be real for the

sake of humanity for once in our life.

My parents were Christian Catholic.

I was baptized. I was an altar boy in

Church. The first schools here were

Churches which is to say I attended

14yrs of compulsory church where I

was forced to speak Christian tongue

governing my mechanics of thought,

dictating both behaviors & emotions.

Live in Christian city with institutions

born of its philosophy. Pay Christian

dollars in God they trust where they

scurry to their Christian jobs, waving

a Christian’s flag “One Nation, Under

God.” Christian’s Gregorian authority

of time delegates my every move. So

please, spare me your disingenuous

patriotic schizophrenic claiming of a

multicultural melting pot of diversity.

For fuck sake we’re about to praise a

“White” fat ass imposter who’s gonna

give you shit for free, again yet again

perpetuating pretentious entitlement

sacrificing indigenous freedoms in a

far away country full of brown people

you enslave steal wages so that you

can live a life of comfort and luxuries

at the expense of our well being. Just

before you tell me genocide of me &

my ancestors was a peaceful cutting

of some bullshit bird while drinking a

pumpkin spice latte oblivious to your

willful ignorance. Who’s talking shit?

What we claim don’t mean shit to me

the proof is in our rituals n practices.

If only you knew what it took for me

to discover my people’s identity you

people are born with, and have you

brush it off, moving on like nothing.

What about me is a Toltec you fuck?

LeRoi EspiriQuetzal


U.S. Marine Corps