The Color Red

The Color Red,

me like the back of her hand, caressing the wheel of time etched in my face,

Nail scratching a surface nestled in her belly of stone,

memory carved, landscapes, iron backbone trace…

The Color Red,

each letter as her own thought, blood line deep vein,

Passion erased insult

sin shot eye’s

chasing wings flutter byes

no longer longing

Welcoming Spirit taking hold

with you centered in place…

The Color Red,

aloud allowing their innocence, children race,

harboring memories,

lost without memory,

Fear of ritual

Failing grace

Absent of thought,

flooding familiar emotions remind, action fulfills,

life & death no longer hold space,

Creation of time told,

space folding hands of control, drawing new cards

from a deck

Renovating mind

No sense managing

weak strong holds,

desires relinquish themselves of…

The Color Red,

to me during night

passing through me as eye’s write, elongate wavelengths of pulsating energy,

ignite the spark,

leading to flames far inside my head,

Guiding light in hollowed caves, pastel pasted mud, see henna, hand lit passing the torch,

Crayola’s wildest Red child

claiming burnt sienna,

stalactites sharpen on the back box of 64,

richest kid in class all the children detested

The only color eye felt seeing you on the swings adoring the moment my beating heart arrested…