Pay Equally. Pay Transparently. Profit.
Steven McClurg

I’ve been hearing a lot more about complete transparency in salaries lately and the question that always comes to mind is what impact does it have on high performers? Do you still recognize their contributions based on merit and are they able to earn more than their peers? If yes, doesn’t this create tension or at least questions from others? If no, aren’t the high performers more likely to leave?

I still have a hard time with the idea that everyone at the same position should be earning the same salary since in my experience, not everyone is really producing the same amount. Even in your company, you note that female employees often outproduce their male counterparts — if so, shouldn’t they be paid more for that effort? Equality doesn’t necessarily mean fair does it?

Kudos for what you are doing, I enjoy hearing about efforts to break the mold like this and do something others aren’t willing to do.

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