I don’t understand tribalism.

First you need to know a little about me. I’m not from here. I’m also not from there. I’m serious. I’m not from anywhere. I don’t belong to a tribe.

Most of my online profiles have in the about me section: “I was raised in the back of a second hand Ford, on old Rt 66” because I was.

Tribalism, racism, sexism and religion, in my mind, are the same. They are probably in your mind too, you just don’t know it.

These ideas are luxury items I could neither afford nor wanted to possess. I was growing up on the road before I was born. I was conceived outside of L.A. (in the Teepee motel on Rt 66 around Ontario Ca. as a result of mom’s first taste of Margaritas) born outside of Buffalo, learned how to walk and talk outside of Texas City and had moved 11 times by the age of 10. Being an outsider is my normal. Truthfully I don’t know how anyone can stand staying in one place.

Growing up I was not taught to see others in colors. My parents are Darwinists and I knew humans evolved in Africa and spread out from there. Since humans came from Africa that does tend to mean we as a whole are Africans. The whiter tribes love to claim they are from places they may not really be from. One of my grandmothers was truthful about where she and her family were from. When asked where she was from she said in her very thick german accent “I’m from Detroit!” The rest of her family said Frankfurt, but they were really from Poland. Grandpa claimed Germany, (nope) Broer is Dutch as in Netherlands. Not one bit of german blood in the family. However that did not stop them from joining the tribe. Remember this as it come into play in a bit.

I was told about religion and how some people prayed this way and others prayed that way but it was the same God they prayed to, Christian, Hebrew and Muslim. These three religions are tribes that split from within an older tribe or as we know is the case of Christianity and Islam split while incorporating parts of an older religion. Somewhere between 300 and 500 years earlier the idea of a mono-god came about and within at least one of these tribal religions was as story that closely matches the story of Jesus. Within each of these religious tribes are sub tribes. Today’s Evangelicals are an offshoot of the Baptist Evangelicals who are an offshoot of the Methodists who are an offshoot of the Episcopalians who are an offshoot of the Catholics who are an offshoot of the Copts. All of the above are offshoots of Judaism.

Towns, cities, counties, states and countries work in this same manner. The list of tribes that people come up with is endless. Jobs, sports teams they claim as their own (you don’t the super duper rich own them and make you give them money for the privilege of calling them yours) and on and on. Male and female, tribes as well.

All tribes work under the assumption that they are better than the other tribes or special. Everybody is SPECIAL!!!

If everybody is special then nobody is special. If all tribes are the best tribe then no tribe can be the best.

Back to Africa. Humans, all of us, are from Africa. Just as my grandparent and their parents pretended to be German and not Dutch or Polish, the light pigmented humans pretend to not be African.

Me, I’m a human and I don’t understand tribalism.

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