There Has to Be a Better Way to End Rape Culture: It Isn’t At All Like Stealing $5
Anna Hundert

These analogies have troubled me for a few reasons. 1) they run on the assumption that the woman has already offered her body. 2) they equate sex with things bought, sold, traded or given for free (almost as an award) and most disturbingly #3) ignored is the act of making love.

Coupling is more than simply male part A and female part B. Emotional and perhaps a spiritual coupling, are of greater importance than the physical joining. The violent act of rape is more than simply taking what has not been offered. It destroys mentally, physically and emotionally. It also does, lacking a better term, a near terminal damage to the ability to truly trust another human.

Understanding rape takes more than a meme based cartoonish post is capable of conveying. Rape causes permanent scars hidden to others. The damage is shared with all who care and love the victim past, present and future.

You survive a plane crash. You live with having been raped.

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