A Gentleman will Walk but never Run

Letter #4 to my baby son

Dear Leo,

If the bus is leaving the bus stop, we don’t run to catch it. We walk in a slightly faster pace. If we still don’t make it, we wait for the next one.

We are taking the bus. We are obviously not in a hurry. We just wanted to enjoy the view from the upper deck.

When waiting to get on a flight at the gate, we don’t queue up to board. We sit down, and wait to be the last to board.

Don’t worry. We have our seats marked. We don’t have to fight for hand carry space. We have all our luggage checked in.

Enjoy your book sitting down. Let others board first. Just make sure you don’t miss the flight while reading your book, like I did last year. Especially when it is a free golf trip to Hokkaido sponsored by your buddy’s company.

When the plane lands, we don’t rush to get up and wait for the door to open. We continue to read our book. We can be the last one to leave the plane. We will have to wait to our luggage anyway. Luggage never travel faster than people. That’s written in the general theory of relativity.

When the elevator doors are closing, and someone tries to get in, we go for the open button. We don’t just stand there.

We are not in a rush.

We are never in a rush.

P.S. James bond drives fast car, motorcycle, snow mobile, parachute ski. He never runs.