Why they work for no money

We were trying to post an intern job at a university in Hong Kong. They do not allow intern jobs with no salary.

Surely it’s nice for students to get some money while they get job experience, but money shouldn’t be a necessary condition. Universities should facilitate choice and free thinking. Startups like us especially want to find students who has a desire to change the world, instead of just chasing a pay check or a brand name, especially at this stage of their life.

In exchange, we offer interesting work content, direct work relationship with the founders, and potential employment at graduation with stock options.

We know this works, because currently we have 4 smart and passionate interns working with us for no salary. And a couple flying in from England at their own cost.

Whether they end up working with us after graduation doesn’t matter, because together we will have changed the world, and we will be friends forever.

A bit of music during a brainstorming session

By the way, a fax number and a landline number are mandatory in the online job posting. Since we do not have a fax machine nor a landline, I guess we already do not quality as a company worthy for the student of this university.

But we do have a nice office and a free spirited work environment.

Our beautiful and free-spirited office. Sorry we don’t have a fax machine.

Here’s the story of our startup and how we want to change the world:

The PikaPage Story

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