Illustration Case Study: Making FinTech feel friendly

Pariti in-app screens

I am an illustrator and most of the time that means I create t-shirt designs, children’s illustrations and take part in live illustration events, however I was recently asked to create an illustration set for the fintech company Pariti. My work was to be featured on several screens in the app and needed to add a ‘fun and friendly’ quality to the user experience.

Pariti is a finance app that connects to all of your bank accounts and helps you to easily see what you have left to spend — with all your bills and debt taken care of. They are trying to appeal to a young audience; people that would not normally be engaged with their finances. So they’ve set themselves a tricky task!

The team wanted me to help establish the brand, providing illustrations for their onboarding screens and some other areas in the app that they felt were too boring or scary. These included the security screen, the forgotten password flow, and the add income screen.

Pariti onboarding screens

I was influenced a lot by Dropbox’s illustrations, which really effectively explain what the user needs to do. They achieve this with a friendly, childlike drawing style that is now easily recognised as part of their brand.

Dropbox illustration examples

Pariti uses an icon set by Musket, which has a simple, line drawn style that feels friendly, so I used this as a guide for my initial sketches.

Musket icon set

Working with the Product Designer I sketched my ideas out in pencil to get the team’s feedback.

Original Pariti illustrations

We wanted to make sure that the image I was illustrating felt right for the context, so my pencil images were added to a Flinto prototype of the app that we could all play with and check before I designed anything in detail. Once the drawings were agreed to, I scanned my hand drawings into illustrator and used live trace to vectorise them. I then used these outlines as a guide to help me draw in the shaded sections behind.

Pariti illustration sketch

Before its release, Pariti ran qualitative tests on their users to see if the illustrations helped to guide them through the app. I am proud to say that the feedback was hugely positive, with users saying they were helpful, friendly and even requesting stickers with my illustrations on!

Pariti stickers

While Pariti was very different to my normal clients, I found it really interesting working in the tech space. I spent a few sessions working in the Pariti office with the team, and everyone was very keen to learn about my process and how I worked. With more and more companies trying to establish themselves as unique and design-centric, I look forward to many future collaborations with other tech firms.

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