Making your website bulletproof

SEO vs UX vs CRO — a simplified overview

We seem to love acronyms in business. There isn’t a week that goes by where I don’t resort to using Google to help decipher one.

However, there are 3 acronyms that I see on a daily basis and they’re often never part of the same conversation; SEO, UX and CRO.

So first, what are they? (in a nutshell)

SEO — Search Engine Optimisation

It’s about creating good, relevant content and putting it together in way that helps search engines find it and read it easily.

UX — User Experience

It’s about providing a usable and great experience when visitors read your content and interact with your website.

CRO — Conversion Rate Optimisation

It’s about ensuring that your website performs and converts those visitors to repeat visitors, paying customers, contributors, etc.

Each discipline is equally important and requires a good amount of skill, experience and time to do properly and effectively.

What I find is that all three disciplines crossover with each other and in many cases, share very similar challenges, jobs and principles. But most importantly for me, I believe that all three should be used together to make a website bulletproof.

I see these disciplines working together like this …

(obligatory venn diagram)

Or to put it another way …

Three disciplines working together to create a journey that benefits everyone.

Great SEO = happy search engine = visitors come to your website

Great UX = happy visitors = visitors stay on your website

Great CRO = happy business = visitors become paying customers

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