“Every disappointment is a blessing “ , this is a quote I believe in. I have seen a lot of disappointment turn out to be a blessing in my life and others. My mother left us when I was 3 years old and my sister was 1 year old. Even though it was not her fault but yet it was a disappointment to loose your mother at that age. I was a child who loved the streets. I always wanted to be out playing with my friends all day and doing nothing at home. But because my mother left me, that led to me being brought up by a devoted Christian family who shaped my life into a very positive one. Now I am proud to say that I am not a spoiled street child like many of my friends I see everyday doing drugs and arm rubbery. Recent incident proved to me that there is positive in every disappointment. The incident involving the Brazilian soccer team that was in in the crash, may their soul rest in peace, a player was injured so he didn’t make the flight. He may have thought the injury was a setback to his career, turns out it was meant to spare his life and give him a second chance. I say to you friend, always be positive and don’t let any situation or problem bring you down. Stand up and fight and with the help of God, you will make it. Remember, every disappointment is a blessing.